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Global Citizenship for University Students
Kim Woo Hyung, Kim Young Hee, Sohn Na Gyung 공역
판형 : 크라운판
페이지 : 112
ISBN : 978-89-7585-771-3(03320)
출판일자 : 2017-02-28
정가 : 5,000원
판매가 : 5,000원

Becoming a “global citizen” is more than just learning a foreign language. Global citizens need strong ethical and moral foundations which are the pillars of a virtuous life. They also require a deep awareness of oneself, one’s culture, and the cultures of others. Keimyung University’s Global Citizenship for University Students prepares young adults to enter the global community by inviting them to participate in a series of experiences that will instill character, raise their self-awareness, explore common ground they share with people abroad, and foster international communication and cooperation.


Translators(옮긴이: 김우형, 김령희, 손나경)


Kim, Woo Hyung (Tabula Rasa College, Keimyung University)

Kim, Young Hee (Tabula Rasa College, Keimyung University)

Sohn, Na Gyung (Tabula Rasa College, Keimyung University)


1st Stage Vision education

1. Orientation The formation of familiarity

- Describing yourself “I am ~~~~~~.” 08

2. Vision education 1

Self-identity formation education - To search myself 12

3. Vision education 2

Self-understanding and establishment of vision education - The graph of my life 20


2nd Stage Education for communication and coexistence

4. Education for communication and coexistence

Understanding and considering others - Hold my hand 28

5. Education for communication and coexistence 2

Social responsibility - Reading and amending the Universal Declaration of

Human Rights 33

6. Education for communication and coexistence 3

Education for the spirit of challenge and pioneering - Great Keimyung alumni 48



3rd Stage Education for global citizenship

7. Practice for global citizenship 1 Communication Practice

- Communication through play 58

8. Education for global citizenship 1 Education Regarding the Ethics of Multi-culturalism

- Global practicum 65

9. Education for global citizenship 2 Empathy Education

- Understanding others through role plays 73

10. Education for global citizenship 3 Multi-cultural Sensitivity Education

- Making global friends 80

11. Practice for global citizenship 2 Cooperative Problem Solving Practice

- Harmonious solution 1 87

12. Practice for global citizenship 3 Cooperative Problem Solving Presentation

- Harmonious solution 2 92

13. Practice for global citizenship 4 Practice for Creative Sensitivity

- Painting my Moonzado (文子圖, calligraphy painting) 97

14. Education for global citizenship 4 Education for Communication and Coexistence

- Searching others’ treasure 103


Global Citizenship Education Course Wrap-up

- Writing a review 107