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Keimyung People: Opening the Light
Seo Jung Soo 역
판형 : 신국판
페이지 : 300
ISBN : 978-89-7585-795-9(03370)
출판일자 : 2017-07-20
정가 : 12,000원
판매가 : 12,000원
 ‘계명(啓明)’이라는 이름은 ‘열다’의 ‘계’와 ‘빛’의 ‘명’이 합쳐진 말이므로 진리의 ‘밝은 빛을 연다.’는 뜻을 품고 있습니다. 이 책은 반세기가 넘도록 이어져 온 계명의 역사와 그 속을 꿰뚫고 면면히 흐르고 있는 정신을 오롯이 담고 있습니다. 그리고 지난날 계명을 세워 가꾸고, 또 정성껏 계명을 섬겼던 위대한 선구자들과 청지기들, 그 동안 계명을 돕고 거쳐 간 사람들의 소중한 이야기로 가득 차 있습니다. 그분들이 우리에게 물려준 ‘개척’과 ‘봉사’의 계명정신을 새로 계명인이 된 여러분들에게 온전히 물려주고 제대로 교육하기 위해 이 책을 펴내게 되었습니다.
    Keimyung is the compound word of Kei(啓), which is opening, and Myung(明), which means the light, thus implying“Opening the Light” of the truth. This particular book, Keimyung University: Opening the Light, contains the history of Keimyung University over a half century and the spirit embedded within. This book is full of precious stories of pioneers and stewards who looked after and served throughout its history and also of those people who helped the development of the university. This book is published in order to succeed and teach you about the spirit of pioneers and services that were handed down to us.

서 정 수

계명대학교 사회과학대학 국제통상학전공 교수
계명대학교 Keimyung Adams College 학장


원 저서 집필진(교재편찬위원회)
Committee: Choi Jaesung (Chair),
           Son Inho, You Okhee, Lee Jonghan, Jang Okgwan


The History of Keimyung and Its Spirit  / 11


Chapter 1 The Past, Present and Future of Keimyung  / 12
   Section 1 The Modernization of Korea and the Inception of Keimyung  / 12
   Section 2 The Birth of Keimyung  / 19
   Section 3 The Consolidation of Keimyung  / 25
   Section 4 The Great Leap of Keimyung  / 27
   Section 5 Keimyung’s Present and Future  /34


Chapter 2 Keimyung Spirit and Practice  / 44
   Section 1 What is Keimyung Spirit?  / 44
   Section 2 The Behavioral Virtues of Keimyung Spirit: Cleanliness, Honesty,
            Frugality and Fusion  / 63


Keimyung and Service  / 79


Chapter 3 The Pioneers of Keimyung  / 80
   Section 1 Rev. Dr. Edward N. Adams (Ahn Duwha): A Founder of Keimyung  / 80
   Section 2 Revs. Choi Jaewha and Kang Ingoo:
            Other Founders of Keimyung University  / 94
   Section 3 Rev. Archibald Campell (Gam Buyeol):
            the First Rector of Keimyung Christian College  / 100
   Section 4 Missionary Woodbridge Johnson (Jang Incha) :
            Founder of Jejungwon (Former Dongsan Medical Center)  / 105
   Section 5 Synn Taesik, Honorary President: A Founder of Keimyung and
            Key Supporter of Keimyung’s Development  / 114


Chapter 4 The Stewards of Keimyung  / 130
   Section 1 The Missionary Dr. Howard Moffett:
            A Leading Figure in the Prosperity of Dongsan Medical Center  / 130
   Section 2 President Synn Ilhi:
            A Cornerstone of Keimyung University’s Development  / 142

Chapter 5 Contributors to Keimyung  / 164
   Section 1 Mr. and Mrs. Shattuck: Exemplars of Sharing and Giving  / 164
   Section 2 Dr. Jung Jaeho and Mrs. Park Myunggyo, Kemyung’s Benefactors  / 170


Chapter 6 Keimyung Overseas Services  / 180
   Section 1 Medical Missions and Other Services  / 181
   Section 2 Moving Stories of Services Done by Faculty and Staf  / 199
   Section 3 Keimyung Caritas  / 206


Part III
Keimyung Campus and Treasures  / 219

Chapter 7 Beautiful Daemyung Campus  / 220
   Section 1 Daemyung Campus: Keimyung’s Birth on a Rocky Hilltop  / 222
   Section 2 Dongsan Campus:
            A Nesting Place of Humanitarian Medicine and Evangelization  / 230
   Section 3 Seongseo Campus:
            The Hall for the Second Establishment and Great Leap  / 240


Chapter 8 Keimyung’s Treasures  / 258
   Section 1 Collecting Ancient Hanja Texts, Hanjeok, and Implications  / 258
   Section 2 National Treasure  / 266


The President’s Message to Freshmen  / 279
References  / 2920
Index  / 294